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Welcome to Grenoble!

International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO)

You plan to come in Grenoble for a semester or more, or you are already there and struggling to sort out a lot of things? You are at the right place ! Firstly, there is a website you ABSOLUTELY need to know : it is the international’s rubric on the UGA website, which is managed by the service ISSO. You’ll find everything you need to know if you dig into it !

Key word here is ANTICIPATION. In France, administrative paper work can take a very long time, so don’t wait or it could be TOO LATE !


Daily life

Here is some information that could be useful during your stay!


Integration and leisure

Help and support

guide nouvel arrivant

Newcomer's guide

ISSO, (International Students & Scholars Office) has prepared an awesome guide to help you prepare your arrival in France and to Grenoble! The ISSO can be really helpful for certain administrative problems too. Click on the button below to go to the Univeristé Grenoble Alpes International page, to download the guide!

New in Grenoble?

Welcome !

Have you recently arrived in Grenoble? Or maybe you're planning to come soon?

Well, you're at the right place!

IntEGre (International Etudiant Grenoble) is a student organization whose aim is to welcome you and introduce you to Grenoble and other students! Whether you're a French or International student, you're welcome here, at our events, and at our office on the Saint Martin d'Hères campus!


The goal of mentoring is to help new International students integrate themselves into life in grenoble. It's also a way for other students to help IntEGre and get involved by being mentors for the arriving students. Mentors, mentees... Take a look below for more details about how this works!

Becoming a Mentor

Arriving to a new place for one's studies can be pretty stressful and disorienting. Would you like to help a new student feel at home in Grenoble?

In that case, you should like our Mentoring programme!

By becoming a Mentor, you'll get the chance to help a new student integrate into their new life, in a practical way!

What will I do?

   Settling down in a new place takes time, and is made a lot easier by having someone there to help, so that's what you'll do! The main aspects you'll be helping with could be to answer the student's questions about Grenoble, help with administrative tasks (University, housing, bank...), and show them around town or campus. This will already be a huge help for them, but if you feel like doing more, you're free to do so! Why not invite them to hang out with you and your friends? Or take them to some of the cool places to eat at in the city? Or go on a hike together? The possibilities are endless, and you'll be sure to give them some memorable experiences of their arrival and stay in Grenoble!

Being a Mentee

Are you planning to come to Grenoble? Feeling a bit anxious about moving to a new country, or eager to quickly get to know the city? Would you like to have a helping hand from a student who knows the city and the campus? Then you can be a Mentee in our Mentoring programme!

How does this work ?

  Your Mentor will try to answer any questions you might have about the town, the campus, life in France. They can also help with some of the administrative tasks you'll be faced with, as well as showing you around some cool places in or around town! Through the Mentoring programme, you'll be able to meet some new people, and maybe even make some new friends along the way!



Throughout the year, IntEGre organises various events, with the aim of socializing with other students, and discover Grenoble, French and international culture! Events can be hikes, trips, international meals, city visits, language exchange evenings...

In any case, all the information about our upcoming events is on our social media platforms listed below:

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