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The IntEGre Association

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IntEGration 2024

Join us from January 8 to 21!
Check our social media for more details!


Welcome to the IntEGre website !


InternationalEstudent ofGrenoble

We are a dynamic student organization that actively welcomes international students from different Schools and Universities of the urban area. Our events and programs help foster intercultural exchange among students during outings, parties, trips or weekends we organize.

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Our Team

IntEGre’s staff consists of French and International student volunteers from various campuses in Grenoble, and occasionally a few employees.

Throughout the academic year, our internationally-minded volunteers take part in organizing activities within our dynamic and motivated team, which is always happy and eager to welcome new members!

What motivates us?

IntEGre strives to make sure international students receive a warm welcoming during their stay in Grenoble. It started as a student initiative back in 2002, and every member of staff since then has contributed to maintaining and improving the quality of the organization's offering. 

Our staff come from different backgrounds, but we all share a love for intercultural exchange, journeys, sharing, and curiosity towards other cultures that binds us and drives our work!

New in Grenoble?

IntEGre has prepared an essentials pack for you, including:


Newcomer's Guide


For the latest information and events...

IntEGre uses various media channels, mostly Facebook and Discord (click on the icons below).

On our Facebook page, we mostly post our events, and share publications which could interest international students. Discord acts more like an open discussion space for international students to chat about a wide range of topics, like organising their own outings, meeting people with similar interests, sharing pictures of their trips or cooking recipes! We also post event information on Discord, in case you do not wish to use Facebook.

Note: In order to access all the discussion channels on discord, you'll need to read and approve the server rules, as explained in the #welcome-rules channel.

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Our volunteers are ready to welcome you, assist you, and help you to discover our programmes and events!

If you've got some questions about our activities, the form below is a good place to ask, as well as on our Facebook account, or in-person at our office (subject to opening hours). We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible!

Office opening hours:

Currently, we are unable to provide regular opening hours for our office, but we can still try to arrange to meet you in person at a specific time!

Thanks for your message!


701 Avenue Centrale 38400 Saint-Martin D'Heres
University Campus, 1st Floor, EVE Building


Got a question? Ask us using the following e-mail:

To enquire about doing an internship or "Service Civique" with us, use the following e-mail:


see you soon!

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