IntEGre offers its members an opportunity to benefit from reduced prices offered by some of the organization's partners. Thanks to the IntEGre Card, students can gain preferential access to products and services relevant to key aspects of student life at some of the city’s restaurants, cafes and stores.


The Card will also allow you to discover all the hot spots and best places to go in Grenoble for entertainment, food or catering.

Registration is 10€. Students are invited to IntEGre’s office in order to register ( EVE- 1st floor-701 Avenue Centrale, 38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères) and receive their Card. 

See you soon!

- Kronenbourg :

      demi 2€ / pinte 3,5€

SunValley Bar

- 5% de réduction à partir d'un menu sandwich

Batman Kebab

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