The Mentoring program helps connect undergraduate or new students to more experienced ones in order to ease their integration. Following is some information that will help you understand how this works!

But there's more!

   Are you new to the city or arriving soon? In order to ease your move in Grenoble, we have prepared a Student Welcome Guide just for you. 

In this document, you’ll find useful information about transportation, healthcare, administrative procedures, visas or housing.


   Click           to download your guide !




The Tandem Program was made for you!



   This program allows you to meet a student from the campus who would like to learn your mother tongue, and to improve your own oral skills while learning his or hers.

   Thanks to the Tandem program, the two of you will be able to form a nice duo and to get to know about each other’s culture. On top of that, you may even become great friends and share quality moments while talking to each other and learning new vocabulary and oral expressions.

   Don’t waste another minute! Join the Tandem program HERE and enjoy a unique opportunity to open up your mind even more, learn a new language and improve your skills.


Are you currently studying in Grenoble?


Would you like to learn new languages, improve your skills and meet amazing people?


"Lass uns Freunde sein!"
"Of course not!"
"anata wa, gakusei desu ka?"
"Nos vemos"
"Naka sa waa kër ?"

   Does “Meet’N’Go” sound familiar? If you have never heard about it, we should do something about it ;)


What is it?

A program by IntEGre designed to associate a French student, who wants to study abroad, with an International or another French student who has already been there.

What is the goal? To share the key points to manage and organise your mobility: administrative procedures, daily life, university … all questions will be answered!


How doing that?

  • Are you an international student in Grenoble? or are you a French student who have already studied abroad? Your mission, if you accept it, mentoring a student who will study abroad!! Show your solidarity sharing your good advices and experience!


Prospective Erasmus students will have opportunities to meet their mentors when they attend The Meet and Go roundtable at the beginning of the new academic year. During this event, students will be able to begin meaningful relationships with their mentors and be allowed to ask them questions regarding their Erasmus experience. Follow us on Facebook to get further information!

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   Thanks to the Gratuiterie (a word coming from “gratuit”, which means “free” in English), IntEGre offers you to collect some useful objects that you will probably need when moving in your new flat. These items include kitchen utensils, small appliances, folding tables, blankets, small pieces of furniture…all these objects where given away by former students for them to be donated to new ones.


   The Gratuiterie Program obviously helps create a win-win situation. Students who are moving out of Grenoble can donate different kinds of objects so they are not thrown away, and new students can get these useful items for free. This way, everyone can take part in a circular economy where sharing and recycling offer a more sustainable approach to consumption.

​   Objects that have been collected by our organization for the program are available at EVE. If you want to have an opportunity to get some of these items, feel free to come over (you’ll find us at EVE-Espace vie étudiante- 701 Avenue Centrale, 38400 Saint Martin d'Hères).

   Make sure you come early enough so you can have a wider choice of items.

   Find more information about the Gratuiterie schedule on our Facebook page!

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