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Who is it for?

French and International students.


What is it about?

The Mentoring program provides an opportunity for new international students to connect with French ones in order to ease the transition from their country to Grenoble. Mentoring allows upper-class students to welcome newcomers appropriately and to show them around the city while discovering a new culture.


Who is it for?

French and International students

What is it about?

The Tandem program allows students who are eager to learn new languages to meet international students who will help them improve their skills. The program gives the duo an opportunity to speak two languages alternatively so that both of them can learn new vocabulary and expressions quickly. In the end, the Tandem program will allow students to improve their oral skills while discovering the culture of their partner.


Who is it for?

French and International students.

What is it about?

The Meet'n'go program allows prospective Erasmus students to be mentored by a former one or by students from their Erasmus country. Thanks to this program, students on the go will be able to gain access to key information about the country they will be living in, or the different procedures that await them upon arrival to their new city. The meet n go program helps build links between international and French students in order for the latter to prepare their Erasmus project correctly.


Who is it for?

International students

What it is about?

The Gratuiterie allows students on the go to donate small or medium sized furniture and kitchen utensils to new students in the need. IntEGre helps recycle these objects former students cannot take away when moving out and offers newcomers to stop by EVE (701 Avenue centrale 38400 Saint-Martin d’Hères) and collect them for free. When the time comes for them to live the city, these students will in turn be able to bring the objects back to the office so they are not thrown away and new people can have them!

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IntEGre organizes outings on a regular basis to discover Grenoble and its surroundings, what also allows participants to learn more about the culture and historical heritage of the city. Snowshoe hikes and cross-country skiing are also part of those trips, as well as treasure hunting or walks toward the famous fort La Bastille in Grenoble. Students who like conviviality and mountains are also given the chance to go on a hiking trip to enjoy Grenoble’s outskirts. Those trips will allow them to operate their legs while enjoying the city’s surroundings. All members of the association are cordially invited to participate in those atypical trips. Enjoying laugh is the only prerequisite for these outings !

International meals

IntEGre gives international and French students the opportunity to show their cooking skills and allow others to learn more about their country’s culture during international meals. Thanks to a perfect blend of flavour and good mood, students are given the possibility to go on a mini cultural and culinary world tour while enjoying delicious dishes at EVE or at the Aquarium. It is a sure bet, and a great way to discover typical dishes from foreign countries while talking to great people!

Theme evenings

The association also regularly organizes theme evenings in order for each participants to get to know other students from Grenoble.  For these evenings, students are suggested a theme (chosen beforehand) that will inspire each one of them to create or buy incredible and original costumes. Imagination is all that is needed! Combine fancy dresses with an evening party and you can start having fun !


IntEGre also organizes weekends spent at holiday cottages, Chalets or mountain huts in order to allow its members to gather in unusual, yet pleasing places. There are also various activities to enjoy during these weekends; carnivals in Nice, ski runs at Les Deux Alpes ski resort, short stays at Entremont-le-Vieux...Thanks to these weekends, students can share, exchange and get to know one another while enjoying outstanding landscapes, hiking trips, card games or parties on evenings.

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