International Students of Grenoble

Welcome to IntEGre! We are a dynamic student organization that actively welcomes international students from different Schools and Universities of the urban area. Our events and programs help foster intercultural exchange among students during outings, parties, trips or weekends we organize.

Our team

IntEGre’s staff is made up of students, but also includes employees who are involved in the organization as volunteers. A salaried employee also daily welcomes students at IntEGre’s office. The whole team shares a common interest for foreign cultures and is eager to help international students integrate to the city.

Throughout the academic year, about fifty volunteers who are passionate about intercultural exchange participate in the organization’s activities and work actively to make international students feel welcome and settled in.

What motivates us?

IntEGre primarily aims at welcoming international students the best way possible. The organization’s existence originates from a student initiative that was taken in 2002. Its objective was to create links between the student communities of campus and to allow newcomers to feel integrated to these communities.


All volunteers at IntEGre come from various places, but are all motivated with the desire to share the greatest of French culture to international students through different activities and events.

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