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An organization that focuses on student integration

IntEGre grew from the initiative of students from the former Joseph Fourier University. Since its inception in 2002, volunteers and employees work in the organization in order to ensure student integration to Grenoble. To this end, various events and programs were created throughout the years to foster intercultural exchange between students.

Thanks to a large panel of activities which include mentoring and language exchange programs, weekends, outings, or trips, the organization members have an opportunity to experience great moments during their studies in Grenoble. Our programs and events allow international students to meet their peers, have a different grip on France’s cultural heritage and enjoy cheerful activities in the urban area or in other cities.

The members

All of IntEGre’s volunteers can benefit from the association‘s services and help at welcoming international students. Not only does the organization offer the possibility to share a great international experience with other members, but it does also provide an opportunity to get involved in Grenoble’s student life with foreigners.


Our mission

Our goal is to welcome the international students of the city and ease the transition from their country to France. The international student community of Grenoble represents more than 60 nationalities and we, at IntEGre, want to play a key role in their settling in the urban area.

A team of IntEGreurs is dedicated to coordinating activities that have experienced growing success throughout the years, and are regularly renewed in order for them to match our goals.

That includes events during which students can discover the Grenoble region, make friends with domestic students and adapt more easily to their new life.


Our values

IntEGre is more than just a simple organization. Its existence is built upon the desire to welcome, share and discover with others.

These values shape the association’s activities and have been central to our mission for more than 15 years now.

Volunteers at IntEGre are united by common values which help them set up more than 70 events each year and contribute to giving the organization a key role at campus.


    Our team

The board of Directors

Lisa, President 

Léo, DP Partnerships

Margaux, Treasurer

Laure, Secretary

Salomé, DP Volunteers

Amélie, DP Communication

Benjamin, DP Programs

Justine, DP Events

Alice, DP Events

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